10 facts about me – 2016

Hello everyone !

First of all welcome to my blog! It’s my first ever blog so my first ever blog post (duh). I wanted to do a blog for a very long time, but it wasn’t the right moment i guess. Well I’m starting this blog at the end of the summer ( back to school😫), not very the right moment either but oh well😂.

Fact number 1 :

I’m Laura and I’m 15. I was born on 4th november 2000.

Fact number 2 :

As I was born at the beginning of November, I’m a scorpio, I have a strong character ngl. All the things that you can read in horoscopes and stuff like that, 90% of the time it’s like a lil’ definition of me.

Fact number 3 :

I’m a dog person, I love them so much. Every time I see a dog in the street I’m like ” OMG A DOGGIE!! LOOK AT HIS FACE!! HE IS SO CUTE AJSLSJDK” and then his owner look like “omg another creep let’s go quickly *insert a dog name*”

Fact number 4 : 

The number 4 is my favorite number as I was born on the 4th. I just love the number 4.I find coincidences with the number 4 all the time (see I wrote 4 four times !! well now five…)

Fact number 5 :

I’ve been practising horse riding since I was 8, so it’s going to be 8 years this year. I love horses, they are just so smart(probably smater than me), I love the connection that we can have with them, you can see what they feel etc just by looking at their eyes(I’m going to stop there ’cause if you don’t like them you’re gonna be like ‘ewewew’).

Fact number 6 :

I can’t watch movies or tv shows with suspense. It makes me sick, I want to throw up every time. For example, I was watching 10mins ago ‘How to get away with murder’ with my mom and sister. I just watched 20 mins of it and went upstairs because it made me sick and my heart was beating so fast and I can’t stand it (side note : I’m also every impatient so it doesn’t help) .

I also can’t watch movies with deaths or scary things because I’m so scared to have nightmares (my worst nightmare is to have nightmares all night, weird i know)

I also HATE like cringy love story movies, or just love stories, I don’t know I just find it boring.

Fact number 7 :

(My sister told me to write that lol) I never wear shoes or socks at home, I’m always barefoot.  I don’t know, it annoys me, we were born without shoes or socks, so why wear them all the time?

Fact number 8 : 

I have been watching Youtube videos since 2013 I think. Quite a long time now. When I went on Youtube that day, I wanted to find a video of hairstyles for short hair, and when I found all these videos that people were making I was like ‘wow that is so cool because disney channel isn’t that great anymore, finally something to watch when I’m bored!’.

Fact number 9 :

I love baking, reading and taking photos. These things are just little things that make me very happy.

Fact number 10 :

I started loving makeup since forever (such a long time ago, I know!😂) No  seriously, my sister always loved putting  makeup on me or do my  hair, and I always liked it because I loved coloring and drawing and I thought it was so cool to do it on the face and not being screamed at ! I was allowed to put makeup on (like eyeshadows, brow gel, clear mascara, concealer and powder) in  January 2015 I think (most of the products were things that my sister didn’t like so she gaved them to me) and I started buying makeup in September 2015.

Okay so I think, I’m going to stop here today. I really hope you liked this blog post and that you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. Tell me if you want to read anything else from me next time, I will really appreciate it. Hope you have an amazing day,

gossip girl Laura🌠

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