A morning at the garden centre ft xmas decor

hiyaaa !! Today you will follow a little part of my Saturday morning. We went to see some plants for my sister and her boyfriend and also look at the christmas decorations. You will see some cactus, flowers, plants, there were also some animals and finally some christmas decor !   cactus and succulents    … Continue reading A morning at the garden centre ft xmas decor


The Christmas Tag

Well hi !! Today I am givng you all the festive, cosy and exciting vibes through this little Christmas tag !!! I mixed many Xmas tags and deleted the ones I didn't really like to came up with this one !   I hope you will enjoy it - all the Q's at the bottom … Continue reading The Christmas Tag

December bullet journal spread

Hii !! Happy December ! I am back today with my monthly bullet journal spread. I am not as fond of this spreead as I would have liked and as much as I liked my November one... but hey that's okay ! I hope you will like it find inspiration from it ! front page and … Continue reading December bullet journal spread

Bits I got – Haul Winter edition

Well hello there ! I am back with a hella cosy and christmassy haul today ! I got some random bits, decor and clothes ! Hope you like it !     random bits   Firstly, for the accessories, I got this little keychain which is of course, if you haven't guessed it yet, Dumbledore … Continue reading Bits I got – Haul Winter edition

My 18th Birthday – through photography

Hi there - so my 18th birthday was on the 4th of November (yeah I am late with this one) and I took picture most of the day as I was extremely lucky enough to receive a camera from my family which I didn't ask for nor expected. I haven't had any party, invited people … Continue reading My 18th Birthday – through photography

those 34 impacts anxiety has on my everyday life

hiii ! I just got back from UNI and I thought I would write a lil' blogpost about my anxiety. Today, was a good anxiety day but I realized that people can't see the impacts that anxiety could have on your daily life. There are things that are quite personal and could be unique to … Continue reading those 34 impacts anxiety has on my everyday life